Graph It Forward Today (GIFT)

It is our goal that students become not just champion test-takers, but champions of reform, responsibility and compassion.   Through scholarships, charity and active community service, WilsonPrep is setting a positive example and creating a more equitable learning environment for students everywhere.

WilsonPrep is the main sponsor and founder of the not-for-profit organization, Graph It Forward Today. This organization is committed to creating equal educational opportunities for high school students.  GIFT provides gently used test prep books, graphing calculators and online test prep tutoring to college-bound students who cannot afford these essential academic tools for standardized tests.

A percentage of all WilsonPrep profits are donated to Graph It Forward Today.

Our Partners:

GIFT is affiliated with dozens of individual students who find us on the internet as well as hundreds of students from over 20 non-profit organizations and school districts in 9 states, including Let’s Get Ready, United Way of Boston, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Steppingstone Foundation, KIPP Charter School, My Sister’s Place, Take Stock in Children and Reach Prep, among others.  All test prep services are donated in full by