Are you a 10th Grader who took the October 2022 PSAT?

The SAT is changing….the SAT is changing….


As of March 2024 the SAT will be a very different exam.  It will contain similar content, but the structure, format, and timing will be completely different.



  • Paper
  • 5 LONG (800-900 words) Reading passages with 10 -11 questions per passage
  • 4 Grammar passages, each containing 11 mechanic and rhetoric questions
  • A calculator math section and a non-calculator math section
  • Approximately 3 hours



  • Computer (test will be completely digital)
  • SHORT Readings (150 words max) with 1-2 questions per reading
  • Word-in-Context Questions
  • One-two sentence grammar and rhetoric questions
  • Less wordy math questions and calculator usage allowed on all questions
  • Approximately 2.5 hours
  • Adaptive Testing Structure (more about this in another blog)


Last week’s PSAT was a primer for the current SAT- the test juniors and seniors are taking this year. Yet, many 10th graders took the test last week because their school recommended.


If you are a 10th grader reading this, you need to understand that this 2022 paper PSAT will NOT exactly correlate to your scores on the new 2024 digital exam, BUT don’t despair!  Look at this past testing experience as a learning opportunity.  Anytime you can take a timed, standardized exam in a proctored setting, you benefit.   Assess how you felt during the exam, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses.  Were you anxious?   Distracted?   Overwhelmed?  Exhausted?  Was the material difficult or manageable?   The math and verbal content on the new 2024 SAT will be very similar to the content on the current SAT.  Thus, how comfortable did you feel answering inference questions?  Tackling algebra questions?  Recognizing dangling modification problems? Etc.


And…if you sat this test out?  This is good, too!   Wait until next year when the PSAT will be digital and a good trial run – helping to identify strengths and weaknesses – before you sit for the new 2024 SAT.

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