Text Talker (Use for All Writing)

One of the skills I focused on this month is how to pick “juicy” quotes to include within an expository essay and how to analyze these quotes.

At the bottom of this blog is a handout titled, Text Talker. Some students have a difficult time not only finding supporting evidence but also organizing, analyzing, and building upon this evidence. This handout will help!

Many students are afraid of writing. They look at a blank sheet of paper or an empty computer screen and panic, not knowing where to start, what to write, or how to express themselves. The graphic organizers, templates, and “formulas” that I provide in this course help students get their ideas on paper clearly, eloquently and quickly.

Writing on a computer enables students to manipulate their sentences . Students can start with phrases/words from the Text Talker and then revise to reflect their own voice. The key is to get “something” on the screen and then build from there.

Talking about building… Writing is like building a house: create the foundation, construct the supporting walls, connect the roof and then (my favorite) decorate the rooms! I recognize that many students can already build castles rather than houses. Yet, the attached handout, coupled with the various templates I will be providing over the next few months, enables even the “master builder” to start simply – organize ideas on the screen – and then add the turrets, moats, and other eloquent touches. And, for those students who are just beginning to master their craft, this handout should be smack center on the desk as they begin their rough draft.

  • The author writes…
  • The author’s claim is found….
  • The key ideas expressed by the author are ______
  • An example in _______ shows…
  • In the text it states…
  • In Passage 2, the author states…
  • According to the text…
  • The text explicitly states….
  • We can infer from this…

Transitional Phrases

To introduce a new detail…

  • As evidence
  • For example
  • For instance
  • In fact
  • In support of this

To support an opinion…

  • Also
  • Besides
  • Equally important
  • First/Second/Third/Finally
  • Further
  • Furthermore
  • In addition
  • Likewise
  • Moreover
  • Similarly

Concluding phrases…

  • As noted
  • As one can see
  • For the reasons above In conclusion
  • In other words
  • In short
  • In summation
  • On the whole
  • To sum up Unquestionably

To qualify (alter) an opinion..

  • Although
  • Besides
  • But
  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • On the contrary
  • On the other hand
  • Yet

Good Contrast Transitions

  • Others would say…but…
  • Some, though, disagree…..However….
  • Nevertheless, others feel….but…

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