Word-in-Context To Kill a Mockingbird

Question 1:

The accused affected a ____ air during the interview; he made a vehement protestation of innocents, and just a ___ denial of guilt.

Question 2:

All too often people are ready to ___ rumors as truth without first trying to ___ them.

Question 3:

Some scholars argue that literature can be thoroughly understood only within the context of its time; they believe novels are diminished when they are ___ their historical framework.

Question 4:

The ___ among the townspeople was convivial, but the ribbing and prodding were often not viewed as ___ by outsiders.

Question 5:

A ___ mystery can often be solved through wit and determination; one that is completely ___ might be better just left alone, because there probably is no simple solution.

Question 6:

The weather was so ____ that everyone complained of the oppressive heat and humidity.

Question 7:

If good judgment involves both logic and intuitive reasoning, then suppressing the intuition might actually ___ judgment.

Question 8:

Atticus Finch’s skills as ___ were never more evident than when he spoke ___, delivering unrehearsed speeches of unsurpassed eloquence and clarity.

Question 9:

He avoided engaging in purely ___ thinking because his training as a lawyer had made him wary of baseless conjecture.

Question 10:

She was not really ___; it was just that she enjoyed ___ and withdrew from time to time to reflect on her life.