Word-in-Context The Lord of the Flies

Question 1:

Though flooded most of the year, the inlet is ____ in early spring when plants carpet the ground with bright colors.

Question 2:

At different times, Ralph might be either brusque or compassionate; his peculiar combination of ___ and ___ often confused the boys.

Question 3:

During the day, downpours were ____, starting and stopping at nearly regular intervals.

Question 4:

The ___ waters of the shallow lake made the fish clearly visible to Jack and his pack of boys.

Question 5:

Teasing and taunting the weaker students, Jack quickly became known as the island ___.

Question 6:

Simon’s dreams were vivid when he was asleep, but ____ when he was awake, as the details would be just out of his mental grasp in the morning.

Question 7:

Ironically, every argument intended to change Jack’s thinking actually served to ____ his beliefs in the policy.

Question 8:

Ralph gave a moderately accurate ____ account of what happened, but the ship’s grew was hoping to ___ hearing a mere timeline; they wanted vivid details.

Question 9:

To make themselves more difficult to track, the boys ran a ____ path, never running in a straight line through any part of the woods.

Question 10:

Never one to ____ himself, Ralph chose to deflect the acclaim heaped upon him from his followers.