Word-in-Context The Great Gatsby

Question 1:

At different times, Gatsby might be either brusque or compassionate; his particular combination of ___ and ___ often confused people.

Question 2:

A model of ___ behavior, Gatsby never ate or drank to excess.

Question 3:

Although the house was usually quiet, the level of activity there became ___ whenever a big party was put on.

Question 4:

Despite the wide-ranging curiosity about his personal life, Jay Gatsby enjoyed a degree of ___ that today’s highly scrutinized society figured can only ___.

Question 5:

Oddly, a mere stranger managed to ___ Gatsby’s disappointment, while even his oldest friends remained oblivious.

Question 6:

Since Gatsby had originally ___ her motives, he was not surprised that Daisy was confused about him as well.

Question 7:

Gatsby was more than just ____: his relentless drive toward perfection could almost be described as ___.

Question 8:

Nick was neither ____ nor ___; he was not penniless, but he was not wealthy either.

Question 9:

Tom had a tendency toward aggressive behavior, a ___ fighting rather than resolving differences amicably.

Question 10:

The character Jay Gatsby has become such an enduring icon that many consider him ___ of America.