Word-in-Context Of Mice and Men

Question 1:

Curley gained a reputation for being a ____ because he constantly bullied other men.

Question 2:

Lennie was so fond of his mouse that their brief separation left him not just saddened, but in a state of ___.

Question 3:

What people believe about life, though it is seldom ____ their material circumstances, is by no means necessarily ____ these circumstances.

Question 4:

The land can hardly be considered ____, for the steep hills retain little of the summer rains and the soil is ___.

Question 5:

Before the 1930’s the knowledge one could give children would last them their working lives, whereas today the technological revolution often renders familiar scientific developments ____ overnight.

Question 6:

The biography of John Steinbeck describes his life so ____, that the readers feel they are hearing the great writer’s thoughts and experiencing his emotions.

Question 7:

John Steinbeck’s work is both ____ and ___: his books are numerous and full of discerning observations.

Question 8:

Slim was austere and ____, a man of immense reserve and dignity.

Question 9:

Fairly incompetent himself, Candy tended to favor those who were even less ____ than he was and who therefore were not ____ to him or his authority.

Question 10:

Mobility has scattered families and ____ the continuities that once cemented loyalties.