Word-in-Context Macbeth

Question 1:

Macbeth always spoke with a ___ tone that invested even the most ___ conversations with a faint air of illicitness.

Question 2:

Acting as an art form often seeks the ___ in its subjects, those qualities that cannot be expressed in words alone.

Question 3:

The witch was of a/an ___ age; white-haired, but baby-faced, she might have been twenty-five or sixty.

Question 4:

The scholar’s argument depended to heavily on poling quotation upon quotation, as if readers would be ___ by the sheer weight of the ___.

Question 5:

The actor who played Macbeth was noted for his ____ behavior: he quickly became irritated if his every whim was not immediately satisfied.

Question 6:

Though Macbeth eagerly sought her ____, he subsequently chose not to heed that advice.

Question 7:

His subjects respected the King because he was both ___ and ___: steadfast in his beliefs and tactful in his negotiations.

Question 8:

Following the decree banning ____ acts, suspected ___ could be forcibly detained without filing of formal charges.

Question 9:

They use language not to explain but to ____; each statement is like a reflection in a warped mirror.

Question 10:

Macbeth learned that by ____ his anger and resentment, and so avoiding ____, he could overcome opponents more successfully than could those who openly defied their adversaries.