Word-in-Context Huckleberry Finn

Question 1:

During the day, downpours were ___, starting and stopping at nearly regular intervals.

Question 2:

Huck tried hard to give up sweets, but he found it particularly difficult to ____ chocolate.

Question 3:

Although they never referred to it ___, the two friends had a ____ agreement never to mention the practical joke that had almost ended their lives.

Question 4:

At bedtime the river served the boy as ___with seemingly magical powers to ward off frightening phantasms.

Question 5:

There exists in human nature a pessimistic propensity to ___ the advantages and magnify the ___ of the present.

Question 6:

The weather was so ___ that everyone complained of the oppressive heat and humidity.

Question 7:

Many plants possess some ___ qualities and as a result have effectively been used as folk remedies.

Question 8:

As Miss Watson castigated Huck for his poor judgment, she somehow ___ the very present urge to ___ all of Huck’s past errors.

Question 9:

Huck had planned to ___ the most ___ waters, but they were trapped in terrible storms regardless.

Question 10:

They knew the impending rain would ___ the trip, but they went anyway, since there was no other time they would be able to make it.