Word-in-Context Catcher in the Rye

Question 1:

In the classroom, Phoebe was unusually ___; on the playground, however, she became as intractable as the other children.

Question 2:

Though Holden is typically ___ and reserved in social gatherings, at last night’s party he spoke and acted with uncharacteristic ___.

Question 3:

Holden’s failing grades earned him such disgrace that any possibility of his being allowed to remain in school was completely ___.

Question 4:

The History professor was never one to ___: he always stuck closely to the subject of every lecture.

Question 5:

Influenced by group pressures, people tend to ___ in order to gain social approval and avoid being ____.

Question 6:

Most of the students found the lecturer’s speech ___; in fact, it was so dull that some even nodded off.

Question 7:

Holden perversely saw his ___ as a useful strategy: because he always mistrusted other people, nobody every disappointed him.

Question 8:

Holden’s natural ___ and moral ___ were evidenced by his indecisiveness and avoidance of controversial issues.

Question 9:

Holden was both ___ and ___: he was blatantly proud and offensively bold.

Question 10:

The author ___ the idea that someone would revive the incidents of his early life, and so he instructed his friends and associates to ___ any potential biographer.