Word-in-Context Animal Farm

Question 1:

Napolean’s speech to the crowd was composed of nothing but ___, a bitter railing against the animals’ opponents.

Question 2:

The pigs authorized ___ because they wanted to have a complete enumeration of the farm’s population.

Question 3:

Influenced by group pressures, people tend to ___ in order to gain social approval and avoid being ___.

Question 4:

“Less government spending” is ___ of this political party, a belief shared by most members.

Question 5:

Freedom of expression is not necessarily a ___ force; communities that encourage it often feel less threatened by social unrest than do those in which dissent is ___.

Question 6:

The writings of George Orwell, which are extraordinarily ___ and worldly, provide insight into this ___ and perceptive man.

Question 7:

British novels of the early twentieth century were often more stylistically innovative than American novelist of the same period.

Question 8:

Napoleon said the report was significant; Snowball contradicted him, saying that all the information presented was ____.

Question 9:

The professor argues that every grassroots movement needs ___: without this public declaration of motives, there can be no cohesive organization.

Question 10:

Although his opinions are ___, his word is not gospel and his report will not be without its ___.