Vocabulary November

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Question 1:

Cerebral can be best defined as:

Question 2:

To adulate is to:

Question 3:

If something is deleterious it is:

Question 4:

Florid can be best defined as:

Question 5:

Fission can be best defined as:

Question 6:

To laud is to:

Question 7:

If something is ebullient it is:

Question 8:

Accolade means

Question 9:

Hedonism can be defined as:

Question 10:

The best definition for schism is:

Question 11:

Harbinger means:

Question 12:

Dupe means:

Question 13:

Assiduous means:

Question 14:

Dearth means:

Question 15:

Accolade means:

Question 16:

If something produces a lot of noise it is:

Question 17:

Which word means persistent and attentive?

Question 18:

Which word means clear?

Question 19:

All of the following mean To Praise EXCEPT:

Question 20:

The pugnacious man was: