Vocabulary January

Question 1:

Capricious means:

Question 2:

Cajole means:

Question 3:

Irascible means:

Question 4:

Wry means:

Question 5:

Vapid means:

Question 6:

Atrophy means:

Question 7:

Speculative means:

Question 8:

Exhaustive means:

Question 9:

Assuage means to:

Question 10:

Venerate means to:

Question 11:

Consternation is:

Question 12:

A person described as audacious would be:

Question 13:

Noxious can be defined as:

Question 14:

Ubiquitous can best be defined as:

Question 15:

If something is said to be didactic, we mean that it is:

Question 16:

To avert is to:

Question 17:

Affable means:

Question 18:

A sycophant is a:

Question 19:

To renege is to:

Question 20:

Impasse can be best defined as: