Vocabulary December

Question 1:

Esoteric information would best be defined as:

Question 2:

A supercilious look is:

Question 3:

To acclimate is to:

Question 4:

A cataclysm is best defined as:

Question 5:

To emancipate is to:

Question 6:

Astute can be best defined as:

Question 7:

Repeat!  Key word!  An astute person is someone who:

Question 8:

If something is latent it is:

Question 9:

Ephemeral means:

Question 10:

Cordial means:

Question 11:

An Aversion is a

Question 12:

An iconoclast  is:


Question 13:

Aesthetic means:

Question 14:

Something that is HEINOUS is:

Question 15:

Sublime means:

Question 16:

Spurious means:

Question 17:

 Avid advocates of democracy are: 

Question 18:

Heresy means:

Question 19:

To disconcert is to:

Question 20:

An avid person is: