Vocabulary December

Question 1:

Perspicacious is best defined as:

Question 2:

A lampoon is a/an:

Question 3:

Celerity means:

Question 4:

Dogged is defined as:

Question 5:

Breadth means:

Question 6:

Fatuous means:

Question 7:

Someone/something truculent would be:

Question 8:

Fractious can best be defined as:

Question 9:

To LAMENT means:

Question 10:

A QUERULOUS person likes to:

Question 11:

Extenuating means:

Question 12:

Tangential means:

Question 13:

Paradox means a:

Question 14:

Germane means:

Question 15:

Assiduous means:

Question 16:

Abhor means all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 17:

Ambiguous means all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 18:

The best definition listed for an attribute is: