Vocabulary October

Question 1:

Gregarious means:

Question 2:

To languish means:

Question 3:

Most ascetics prefer to

Question 4:

If Tony is torpid he is

Question 5:

Cosmopolitan means

Question 6:

Exculpate means

Question 7:

Insular means

Question 8:

Something exhibiting profundity can be described as


Question 9:

Loquacious means

Question 10:

Vapid means

Question 11:

The opposite of Euphony is

Question 12:

Copious means

Question 13:

To disparage is to

Question 14:

To curtail is to

Question 15:

Cerebral means

Question 16:

A debacle is best defined as

Question 17:

Haranguing is best defined as

Question 18:

Convivial is best defined as