The key to boosting scores is daily practice!   It is that constant repetition that makes for a stronger, fitter, and more mentally prepared competitor. With WilsonDailyPrep, you practice the same type of SAT/ACT questions each weekday, becoming a champion test-taker.

  • Quick and convenient – spend approximately 5 minutes a day.  Complete preps on tablet, smartphone, or any device.
  • Your own personal coach
  • Student accountability – we call home if you are not completing your work daily!
  • Performance tracking
  • Videos  and more…
  • Guaranteed increase
  • ½ the cost of other online programs – $59 for one month, $139 for three months, $229 for six months, $299 for 9 months
  • Phone call to introduce the program


Prepare for Both Exams with One Program

Students can prepare for both exams – new SAT/ACT – in just 5-10 minutes a day!  This new program enables students to see what test they prefer as well as to prepare for both exams within one program.  The new SAT will be closely aligned to the current ACT.  Therefore, students should take both and see what exam they score higher on.