English 6

A New Pool For the Town!

In 2004, the year we moved to town. The1 town administrators began raising funds about2 a municipal swimming pool. They started with an advertising campaign that3 would appeal to families living without air conditioning: “Beat The Heat With A Neat New Pool!” The Olympic-sized4 pool with which would include and feature5 a diving board, a lap-swimming area, and a shallow area for little kids.

For years, town residents have complained6 that children and adults alike needed a place to go during the summers. Bored7 high school students would invariably get into trouble if they did not have an enjoyable summer haven. The town had a student center with pool tables and ping-pong tables.8

The pool was promptly constructed in the lot once occupied by a lumber yard. What9 was once a completely unused acre of land near the main streets are10 now a bustling monument to the town’s favorite summer hangout.

(1) Additionally, the pool boosts the local economy in an unexpected way. (2) The pool provides11 many new jobs: lifeguards, administrators, even ice cream vendors. (3) The outside area is filled with children, who12 are playing whiffle ball and kickball. (4) Patrolling the streets can be profitable, but, for them, idling outside the pool is a goldmine. (5) These sports, along with other summer activities, have led to recreational leagues and13 fun for the entire town. (6) This is exactly what the town administrators were hoping would happen14 build one major public work and the entire social landscape of the town shifts in a positive direction. [15]